Fear No More...at least of flying

I am on the biggest high of my life right now and it is all due to conquering a fear.  This was not just any fear for me, it was a phobia of flying that I have had for 20 years.  I was able to fly for the first time without any medication or alcohol in my system.  I did this on prayer and my belief that my higher power, God, is in charge and he will keep me safe.  With that being said, there are other even bigger things that I accomplished all related to getting onto an airplane.  I was able to fit into just ONE seat this time, was able to buckle into said seat without an extender and I was able to get up in mid-flight to go to the bathroom.  These sound like pretty normal, routine things for someone who is not obese.  Prior to losing these 70lbs, I could not fit into an airplane seat, I had to raise the arm rest and share my daughter's chair.  I know this because I flew 4 years ago and this is what happened.  On my previous flight, I did not DARE get up and go to the restroom even though we were in air for 4 hours because I could not fit into the stall.  This time, I was able to fit and TURN AROUND inside that tiny little compartment.  Going back to the flight, in conquering this fear, it does not mean that I was not scared to death, as I was terrified.  I do mean that I was able to not panic and have a panic attack mid-flight and make the evening news by acting like a fool on-board an aircraft.  This was by far one of the bumpiest rides I have ever been on and we even hit an air pocket.  You would have thought that I would have flipped out at that but oh no, I did not panic and just said a little prayer and envisioned that God was holding up the airplane.  My higher power was watching over us and I believe he has a sense of humor which is why it was so bumpy.  If you ever fly and are a bit scared, I highly recommend accessing the internet.  Best $12.95 I ever paid.  My friend and one of my biggest supporters IM'ed me the entire way and helped to keep me calm.  (God moving in his wonderful way) By far, the biggest lesson I learned out of all of this is that I can accomplish ANYTHING I set my mind to with the help of my higher power. If he does not directly intervene, he will send you the support you need, you just have to believe.  This is one fear that I can gladly say good-bye too.  More to come.....

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