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I am a Christian, a “born again” Christian. And although I do not have a “religion,” because I refuse to be labeled by one, I do follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, from my reading of the Holy Bible, and His words I have come to believe with all my heart. But I do not preach. I leave the ministering of His Word to the preachers, the evangelists, the pastors, those at the pulpit, educated in the Word. I will, however, share my convictions with anyone who asks and wants to know about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I’ve just never advertised my status.

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In the many years I have walked as a Christian I have often felt like I just don’t fit in; not with the “non-believers” or even with the “believers.” For many Christians today, and I am not alone in this, there is great fear in admitting that we are followers of His Word. We are afraid of being ostracized, considered partners with the radicals—thus becoming lonely outcasts. There is even fear in admitting to other Christians who we are. For many within the church, drinking wine, reading romance novels, going to the movies, wearing makeup, pants and jewelry, labels us as “worldly.”

Living “worldly” while being 'Christian' means compromising God’s standards. But I have tried to live my life honestly, and though mostly silently yet openly, and to the best of my ability. But I have never thought myself better than anyone else. We are all His children. He cares for us all. The only difference is that I believe in Jesus and the salvation He offers. In the end, God will be our Judge and Jury.

There, I said it; I am now out in the open. And I am not looking to put down anyone for not believing, but neither am I looking to be challenged or ridiculed. I do not seek an argument. I just want to openly share who I am. A child of the King who still struggles with every day situations just like anyone else out there; we hunger, we thirst, we cry, we want and need.

Even with my own children, though I may not like their lifestyle, I will not judge them. My not liking their chosen lifestyles or what they do is only based on my “personal belief.” It is their life and their choices, after all. I am their mother, trying to teach them in the best way I know how; to love, to respect life and others. My heart’s hope and great desire is that one day they may find a happy personal relationship with God, such as I have found. As a mother I only want the best for my children, and my greatest weapons are prayer and being an example! So I try to practice what I preach. But I am not perfect; I am far from perfect. I am only human, after all.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of [Jesus] Christ…” Romans 1:15 (KJV)


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