THE FEARLESS not a STUPID LIFE.....Is Fear Running (RUINING) Your Life.....?


If you allow Fear to Run your life….It is likely it will Ruin your life……So many people today are living their lives solely based upon FEAR…..Fear of the “next shoe dropping….” Sure, it is understandable why people have fears……And yet, it is not understandable for a person to allow fear to ruin their life…..

There are good fears such as a bear chasing us through the woods and for us to get away from it….That is a healthy fear…Fear is an emotion that is designed for our good...but most people use fear in the wrong ways....Fear is a positive emotion when it protects us from something that can harm us…..Fear becomes an unhealthy emotion when it runs over into the healthy parts of our  lives and we begin basing all of our decisions on fear…..Irrational fears (such as what the neighbors will say if I buy a new car) are ridiculous fears in my opinon…..There are all kinds of fears….and many are simply used to hold people back from their best life...…..

Discerning if a fear is real or not real takes wisdom….And yet, overall it is pretty easy to determine whether a fear is real or not…..For some, even the not real fears are real to them….Some people simply live their lives in a ball of fear…..Many great decisions that could have been made to improve their lives were not made all due to fear….

When fear begins to run every decision a person makes it is being used in an unhealthy way…..and likely in most cases irrational…..Stepping back and taking an objective look at what the fear is and why they have it is key to pushing forwards in life…..If Irrational fears are holding one back from the life of their dreams then it is wise to take a closer look at why they are holding on to those fears….

Fears can be used as a type of security blanket…..Fears keep us right where we are at….No changes….Safe in our little cocoon…..Away from anything that will bring about any form of uncertainty in life…..Change always brings about uncertainty but change can also bring about all that is wonderful in life…..When one allows fear to run their lives they are missing out on the potential of great opportunities for their lives….

If Fear is holding you back from living your goals consider taking a harder look at why….Why are you allowing irrational fears to hold you back from a wonderful life that you could be living? Remember fear is an emotion that was designed to protect us…not harm us….Used in the right way fear can keep our lives on the right track…Used in the wrong way fears can ruin our lives…..

Life is meant to be happy.....Fear is a protective mechinism we use to protect us from things that can harm us......and yet when people are using it in irrational ways that holds their lives from all it can be...then it is being used in a negative way....

Determining if one is using fear to their advantage or disadvantage is key to leading a healthy and happy life.......Making great decisions and follow through can be a little scary at times and yet a fearless life is a life that realizes that even good decisions can have some fear attached......They use fear to their advantage to navigate around or past the obstacles of life...but they don't allow fear to stop them or ruin their life.......

A Fearless life is not a Stupid Life....It is not a life that is careless that makes careless or unwise decisions....A fearless life is a life that bases its actions on wise decisions and follow through...It doesn't throw caution to the wind....A Fearless life also doesn't stop all the great things from entering their lives because of irrational fears.....A Fearless life is a well planned out life that is willing to take the right chances and push through the fear to push forwards in life.....

Fear can be used for your advantage when it is used to create happiness and a wonderful future.......Be Fearless but not Stupid.....Create the Life of Your Dreams.....


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