Of Fearlessness and Bangs

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Last Tuesday, I walked into a hair salon and held up a picture on my cell phone.

“Bangs,” I said.

The stylist was new and asked me if I was out of school that day. It might be that asking your hair stylist to make you look like Taylor Swift does nothing to dissuade her from the somewhat-popular notion that you are a 16-year-old girl.

She was hesitant, unsure. Probably she wondered if my mother was going to walk in any second and ask why she had given a child a drastic new look. “Are you sure about bangs?” she asked as I sat down, and again when she rinsed shampoo down the sink, and again while holding a sharp pair of scissors up to a lock of my hair.

“Yes,” I replied somewhat firmly.

After all, it’s just hair.


And now I have bangs.

kayla aimee bangs

I sort of look as though I’m wearing a disguise.

I can’t help but joke about it. “Hey honey, do I look totally bangin'?” I ask as he reaches past me for a drink. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes at me.

I crack myself up.

It didn’t come naturally, this confidence about the small stuff. This adventurous side, this acceptance of my own outward appearance.

It was not kind to me, adolescence. Awkward and shy, I stumbled through it, and loathed the mirror more as each year passed. “I hate my face, I hate how I look” was a constant refrain in my mind, repeated in angry scrawls scratched across the pages of my diary.

(I think I can pinpoint it to that time I was eight years old and my mother gave me a bowl cut. And then a perm. You think I jest. Please see: Awkward Photos From My Youth)

It was my wedding day, and the make-up artist swept a gray shadow over my eyes and I opened them to find a bride reflected back at me. I was blonde then, hair swept up, encased in lace and satin. I had spent my entire life assuming that I wouldn't fully enjoy my wedding day because after all, brides were supposed to be beautiful. And I had long felt anything but.

I put my hand up to the mirror and realized that the it wasn't just hair and makeup and a veil in the reflection that made me feel, quite poignantly as it was the very first time I had ever found myself in possession of such a feeling, beautiful. It was the overwhelming joy and love I felt on that day. The outside was a reflection of the inside. That moment changed everything.

kayla aimee bride
Photo credit: Shannon Wright

Nearing 30 now, I step out on to the porch with a steaming cup of coffee to watch the sunrise because I find beauty there, and solace before the sleeping world awakes. I wrap my arms around myself to stave off the chill of the early morning air and think about how comfortable I now am in this skin. What transformed this girl was deep and abiding, a mindset that says to her, “You are so much more than just your outward appearance.”

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