fears of a mother are never ending...

After a week of stressing and what not, my daughter got the phone call she was ok. The biopsy came back low grade and for now she is ok. It was such a relief, it just felt like we could breathe and this weight taken off our shoulders. I was so concerned I would not survive without my daughter. she had faith in me when no one else did.She encouraged me to continue when I thought i could not. She honored me by having her last name legally removed from her fathers last name to mine. She explained to me, why should  I carry his name when it was you who stood by my side you took care of me and my child and accepted the fact that I was a teenage mom. You pushed till I graduated High school then enrolled me in a trade school. Where I am now working as a medical assistant. If she only knew how much she means to me. Both of us had our share of drama and goodtimes. The thought of losing her to cancer was something I could not handle. I had lost my mommy to cancer what would I do if it claimed my daughter. So as relief finally settled in, we still talked about it and  realized life can end so quickly that we really need to take time to enjoy it. We started to eat better, started to do more walking and trying to get into a excercise routine and most important starting to appreciate eachother. In  4 months we will once again go throught it all as that is when her next pap will be to check for cancer again. We will continue to pray everyday to help get us through the whole process. We pray that one day cancer will not take anymore lives.


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