The Feather

This is my first blog-bare with me if it takes me a few tries. I wanted to share my tales-I've always thought they are pretty dam good...I’ll start with the feather story, it’s my favorite. When I was still living in Milwaukee I was sleeping with a guy I’ll call The Bishop, you’ll hear more about him in following blogs. He was working as a prison guard and would make a stop at my place after work, I always left my door open for him so he could just come in and wake me up when he finally arrived. One night I surprised him by waiting in the dark naked except for a black and white feather boa draped around my body. When he came in and saw me I pulled him closer and ripped open his belt and tore open his pants anxious to taste him while he finished the remainder of his undressing-seeing him in that uniform really got me going-he looked like a cop-it was super hot! The Bishop laid me down and ravaged me extra vigorously-the feathers really got him going and I writhed in pleasure. The next morning I made plans to meet my ex boyfriend-The Marine-for some afternoon delight. As the day progressed I began to experience something very odd down below. After going pee I noticed a dark substance on the toilet paper after wiping…I didn’t think too much of it and forgot about it for a little bit. Later when I went to the bathroom again the dark colored substance had turned black!! I started freaking out and called a friend who, after also being dumbfounded, proceeded to look up my symptoms on ,the results stated that I was pregnant-well I knew that wasn’t right so I called my obgyn. After explaining to the receptionist what I was experiencing, she insisted I come in immediately-she hadn’t heard of anything like this before! Driving to the office 2 things were on my mind…what the hell was wrong with me and I hope I can still make it to The Marines house by this afternoon! As I’m laying on the table in the exam room the doctor pulls out the biggest f’ing Q-tip I’ve ever seen and starts her investigation. After a few moments she pulls it out and says she’s found something. It was a horrific scene! Dangling from the Q-tip was a contorted wiry black mass-I asked her “what the hell is that?!” “It looks like a feather to me” she says. I covered my face with my hands and began to explain my rowdy evening involving The Bishop and the boa. Apparently, one of the feathers had come off the boa and gotten stuck to his dick and in the heat of passion it hitched a ride inside me with his thrusting. The feather was black and the ink was was causing my fluids to turn black. Ha-the doctor and I both a pretty good laugh about it and I left her office good as new. Thank goodness it was only a feather! I headed home and got ready for my afternoon pow-wow-I had to be sure we wouldn’t be surprised with any more black weirdness-I don’t know how I woul’ve explained that to The Marine!


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