Feature: Stitch A Wish Designs / Beautiful Give-Away!

If you think you've heard of Stitch A Wish Designs before, you probably have, right here on this blog.  I have mentioned my friend Michelle, the designer and owner of SWD, before, and have even done this featured blog post on her as well before too.

But, there is always much to share about her, and the beautiful things she makes!  She is always re-inventing the wheel, or coming up with new cool or beautiful things all her own, and I'm always so impressed,  I just need to let everyone know.    Not only because her creations are beautiful, and high quality, but because her pricing is reasonable, and we all look good carrying (or wearing) her stuff.  She offers a wide variety of bags for women and kids, tutus, hand-embroidered items, and specialty gifts.  I have done a lot of photography for Michelle's work.  Partly because she is my friend, but also because I believe in what she is selling!  I believe in HER.  Her heart is in everything she makes, and her business is full of compassion and giving, always. (Continue Reading and Seeing Photos...)

~ Laura (a.k.a. LLR) www.ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

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