Featured Apps: Mobile Drawing Apps for on the Go Creative Fun

Summer vacation is a great time to take a trip – but what do you do to help your kids pass the time in the car and keep them from constantly asking that age old question “Are we there yet?”?

We have the answer! We’ve put together a collection of great artistic apps, most already approved by Kido’z, that will keep their fingers busy and their creative juices flowing, as the miles go by. It used to be really hard to color or draw while driving in a moving car. A sharp turn or a bumpy road, and forget about coloring in the lines! And once that’s happened, there’s no erasing that crayon.

But with these apps you’ve got the best of both worlds! These apps will give your traveling tots hours of fun, creative entertainment – and there won’t be any problem staying inside the lines, even on the rockiest roads! You can download these apps for free from the Google Play app store. 

PicsArt for Kids

This lovely art app will really keep your car-stuck kids busy with 3 different creative modes. Your child can draw on an empty canvas or add their own touches to amusing scenes; color in outline drawings of fun cartoon images and characters; and learn how to draw using simple shapes that can be combined to create animals, people and things.

The app supports multi-touch for drawing and coloring and has a simple to use intuitive interface with fun images kids will love.

Learn Coloring - Kids Paint

This is not just like any other coloring application – it offers so much more.  For starters, without your kids knowing it, in the comfort of the back seat of your car, they’ll be learning languages while they color!  Each amusing image provided in Learn Coloring shows the word that describes the drawing, in 3 different languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Your children can create their own scenes, choosing from different drawing tools including colored pencils, crayons, and a cool magic wand tool to create things like chains of bubbles underwater. It also offers a wide selection of fun sticker decorations so that your children will be able to create beautiful artwork they will be proud of.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Learn Coloring is a whole activity book, offering a variety of drawing games and activities like Connect the Dots and Find the Differences – that will keep your kids busy for hours and before they know it, you’ll be there!

How to Draw - For Kids

If your kids are getting cranky in the back seat and need something distracting to do – get them to LEARN how to draw! Do they want to draw a car? A giraffe? A flower? An elephant? A doll? A plane? They can learn how to draw all these and more with this great app.

It provides basic shapes and step by step instructions for how to modify and attach the shapes to create tons of different objects and animals. Then they can fill in the drawings with a bucket tool, using a variety of fun brush effects, and even control things like opacity and saturation.

The eraser tool and unlimited undo button will prevent frustration as kids will be able to edit and modify their drawings until they are satisfied.

The Magic Paintbrush

This wonderful app will keep your toddlers busy and entertained as the pictures they color come to life at the touch of a magic paintbrush! The app offers beautifully illustrated pictures created by a children’s book illustrator with large areas that can be colored in easily at the tap of a finger.  Your children can then bring their drawings to life with animation, using the magic paint brush tool. Your kids will love interacting with these drawings, animated with sound and music, so make sure to lower the radio!

Super Kids Coloring and Drawing

The special features of this drawing app make it attractive to kids who really want to express themselves. Super Kids offers cool drawing filters, like emboss and blur, which add interesting and original effects to your kids’ creations.

The color picker is easy to use with a wide selection of colors, and the special tools make this app extra fun.

Dino Scratch for Kids

For your especially young travelers, we’ve got something too – this fun app is a discovery drawing game, where by moving their fingers across the screen, your toddler will discover the pictures hidden beneath. With different modes to choose from, and lots of fun dinos to discover, your little ones will no longer mind sitting for hours in their car seat.

Have a safe trip!


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