Featured Artist: Gamiworks

What the heck does Gamiworks mean? I just had to know. Today's featured artist required some research on my part. Erin, the gamigirl, uses a type of Japanese decorative paper called Chiyogami in her craft. In years past it was  printed in bright colors using woodblocks (although, today it is silk screened). It was used for a variety of decorative purposes including origami, kimono paper for dolls, as well as how Erin uses it now in her tins. The word itself has a two-part meaning, chiyo (meaning old) and gami (meaning paper). So, I can only assume that Gamiworks means "paper works!" You are welcome for your history lesson. :-)

I officially met Erin at an Artisans of Houston meeting a few months ago, although we had conversed through email before. She was a super sweet gal that seems to be all over the place in our city. You will be sure to find her on Friday nights at Art on the Plaza at CityCentre Houston, an event I have yet to attend. In addition to the pretty belt buckle above, Gamiworks also makes jewelry, gift tins, pocket mirrors, and quite a few other gift items. A busy lady! Go check out her awesome shop. She has a huge inventory. You won't be disappointed! ~ Keeping it Local + Handmade ~ XOXO B.



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