Featured on BlogHer - Part 2?!

I think I've fallen in love with the month of March (and not just because it's not February, either!). In addition to the fun of participating in The Week-Long 100 Comments On My Blog Event hosted by Blogelina (still working on visiting all the blogs and posting my comments!), March has brought me not one, but two featured posts on BlogHer!

Several more thrills were felt today when I received a second e-mail from BlogHer letting me know that another of my blog posts, The Joys Of Working From Home, was going to be featured, this time in the "Career" section of the BlogHer site.

I don't even know what to say. I feel as though it's Christmas, and I'm a kid being handed gift after shiny gift, and I scarcely know where to begin unwrapping!

Once I manage to process the joy of the past couple of days, I promise I'll get back to doing some real writing in this blog... but for now, please bear with me while I bask in the shininess. :)

~ Dawn @ Alphabet Salad


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