February 4th is National Girls and Women in Sports Day

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Do you know what today is? February 4th is National Girls and Women in
Sports Day, and to think almost the whole day went by without you even
knowing it.

I'd like to tell you that the reason I am writing this so late in the day is because I was out celebrating by playing a game of pick-up football on the mall or playing ice hockey on a frozen pond somewhere. Sadly, the truth is that I was taking care of my sick kids all day but let's pretend that I was playing hockey because it makes me seem much cooler.

It also makes me sound like I am good at ice skating.

I think I can hear my old roommate who also happened to be a figure skating instructor laughing all the way from Ft. Lauderdale.

So this is the 23rd annual celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, which is interesting to me because I had never heard of it before I got an e-mail from the WNBA this week. In a fascinating side note, I subscribe to the feeds of about 9 sports outlets and 8 huge sports blogs written by men and I didn't see it mentioned once.

(My editor Denise is yelling PATRIARCHY right about now.)

Fortunately, I also have a folder in my feed reader labeled "Women Writing About Sports". That is where I found this:

Since its inception in 1987, National Girls and Women in Sports Day has
become the premier occasion to celebrate the success and
accomplishments of girls and women athletes. What started in 1987 as a
single event in Washington, D.C. to honor Olympic volleyball star Flo
Hyman has grown into a nationwide celebration across all 50 states.

- Pretty Tough


The Title IX Blog lists 10 Ways to Commemorate the Day.

But the most moving thing I have read today is Donna Orender's piece on "Why the WNBA Matters". Donna is the president of the Women's National Basketball Association and a fellow blogger.

After 12 years, the WNBA deserves more credit and more importantly,
greater support for its considerable accomplishments. By just existing,
it continues to encourage significant numbers of young women to
compete, compete in all fields of endeavor...

Progress has been made and yet for all of us who are involved with
girls and women's sports, the gap is still wide and perceptions still
slow to change... The question we have to ask ourselves – are we willing to pay the
price to keep the momentum going?

The mission
for the league is to lead, to inspire and to create change. It's a
rallying call every day. For me, it is both a professional and personal
calling. It is about making a positive difference, which is everyone’s
self-interest. The wonder of sports is that it is a place where passion
rules and where fun and games form a solid foundation for winning,
winning in the most important game, in the game of life.

I encourage you to go read her whole post. Donna Orender inspires me as an athlete, a woman and as a patron of sports.


Have a great National Girls and Women in Sports Day.


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