Fed up! I need some ANSWERS!

Bullying. Growing up in grade and jr high school, I know how it feels. Just like almost every 23 year old who is having a hard time finding a job with this economy, I find myself living at home temp.

I live in a small texas town just 2 hours out of San Antonio. Right at the border, one hour north of Laredo, Texas. Asherton is pop is about 14oo people. Its small town where everyone knows you and then some. Where bullying is present even as Adults.

My mom and I live in the Asherton Public Housing. Yes, I have a brother with criminal record. No he isn't suppose to be staying there. And doesn't. Without proof, we get reported. See the housing is now owned by Laredo. The people around, oh how they love to just pick up the phone and call. I guess its just so they wont get caught whatever they are doing who knows. But the presentce is there. Its like High School, in this small town.

Its hard for me, because when I was bullied, in high school I hated myself. I hated myself so much, that I attempted suicided at 14. I just wanted to end. I got help for that. It didn't help, cause that failed suicide attempted, I got hooked on prescription mediciation. On the surface I looked innocent, I didn't look like the static for someone to be on drugs. But I was. Until I was 17 when that OD changed everything. It was my fourth time, I took some vicodine. It was probably about 13 or 15 pills. I flatlined. I was told I was gone for about 3 mins. Those 3 mins was a life changing experince. I became happy. It put things in prospective for me, even though things where tough at times, I found ways to overcome it. Things were going good.

But up until 2 years ago, its been a struggle. The bullying by other people living here in the projects, has taken its toll. If you are reading this blog. Can someone answer the following:

1. what are the privacy laws of public housing?

2. without proof, could the director come and tell us, that we've been reported?

3. who can I speak to about this?


Le'Ann Jane


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