Feedback Wanted on Self-Publishing!

 I just started a new project that I hope to have completed by the end of the winter – I am self-publishing an animal tracking book, which will serve as a guide to beginners who want to get outdoors and learn how to track.

I’ll talk more about the book itself in future posts, but I’m really interested in getting feedback from bloggers and authors who have already self-published, or are in the process.  What did you learn about the publishing process? What worked for you? What would you do differently if you publish again? Pros and cons of self-publishing as opposed to going with an established publisher?

Additionally, I’d love feedback from readers. What’s your opinion of self-published titles? Do you avoid them? Love them? Willing to pay for one?  Why or why not?

This will be my second self-published title, but the first one that will be for sale only – no free downloads! (I promise I do have a free e-publication come soon as well!). And unlike my first book (which is in dire need of a second edition with corrections…), I’ll have an ISBN attached to this book, and hope to sell it in other online book selling venues (Amazon, etc.) in addition to my bookstore.

Please share your thoughts in the comments on reading self-published books, and the process of self-publishing, if you’ve ever been through it or are contemplating it. I’d love to hear what people think!

Cynthia Menard
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