Feel Good Fast Food

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Feel Good Fast FoodTMr efers to a culture of awareness and well-being. The movement promotes better eating habits, environmental consciousness and community. It encourages healthy and sustainable fast food restaurant practices, and is intended to change the way people eat and feel. We recognize that people cannot easily slow down their fast paced lifestyles to focus on being more healthy, so the Feel Good Fast Food vision is to help people be more aware of what they consume without changing the pace of their lives.

This blog is a discussion forum for all topics relating to Feel Good Fast Food. These include: health and nutritional information, news about better-for-you fast food restaurants and menu items, tips for living a “feel good” lifestyle, and stories about “feel good companies.” We hope to inspire readers to live by the Feel Good Fast Food mantra, and through leaving comments or responding to surveys, readers can help sculpt the Feel Good Fast Food community.

We invite you be an important participant on this blog and we welcome your comments. Please let us know of any ways we can improve the blog.

Feel Good and be Healthy!