Feeling Beautiful

Thanks everyone for the tips on swim gear!  Apparently I just have to deal with goggle face.  Not the worst thing in the world.  A couple of people were also surprised that I didn't have a swim cap line.  That's because I really enjoy killing my hair with chlorine (or I've been to busy/lazy to get one and need to invest stat).  Also, a lot of you are morning people.  WTF!?!  Maybe I'll be a part of the cult one day.  Here's hoping!  Till then....coffee STAT!

So Jennifer over at Runner....maybe? had kind of an awesome post yesterday which I have seen on a few different social media sites not.  Five pictures where you feel beautiful.  I think you're supposed to get tagged...or tag people...or play freeze tag?  I don't know.  I really love this idea though so I'm stealing it regardless.  I think it's good for your soul to find the things and moments that make you feel beautiful and really hang on to them.

This picture was taken earlier this year when I was in San Diego for work. I went out for dinner with some colleges and we had a fantastic evening. This was one of the first times that I truly felt confident in my career abilities. I felt like a confident and successful career woman...while not having to give up my goof personality.
This is hands down one of my favorite pictures of me and my mom. We were at the table of Table Mountain outside of Capetown, South Africa. We were about to embark on a month long African Safari and we ended up having an absolutely epic time as a family.
My good friend Josh took this picture of me a couple of years ago over brunch. I used to not like it because I was a bit heavier and I think that it shows. I've changed my mind though. I love pictures with my glasses and I feel like this really captures my low key personality. I'm happiest when relaxing with my friends and some coffee!
I *love* this picture. I had just finished climbing this dune after having a really bad reaction to my malaria tablets. And you bet your ass that I climbed it even after losing my breakfast at the bottom of the hill. I felt like a freaking badass and I love everything about this picture and this memory.
This is a picture of the my first black run (hardest rating). I nailed it and was on cloud 9.  I felt like a rock star and I still feel like an amazon when I nail a perfect run.  My cousin Kristina captured this moment and I love that you can even see the signs that show the run rating!

When do you feel most beautiful?  A lot of these are good photography, but they all also seem to be at times that I am extremely happy (confident with work, with family, conquering something).  I really like that emotions like that can be captured on film, even if it doesn't do it complete justice.

Happy Friday!


Running and smiling!


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