Feeling Blue..............here are few tips to overcome it.

Since last few days I was not able to compose anything. It was not that I was too busy with other things but simply because I couldn't find interest in anything. Tried a lot to find the reason but then finally stopped bothering about it. As I was not able to write something interesting so got indulged in reading as it is also one of my favorite hobbies. I came across various articles and came to know that there exists a practical reason for my lack of interest. I read several medical articles which explained the "Feeling Blue Syndrome."

I thought it might be interesting to share them with you as it is something which struck to all of us when we do not understand the reason of our gloominess. Whenever you find yourself caught up with such sadness do not leave your livelihood. It is one thing that makes you so different from others. Just keep yourself going on with some of the tips that I have practically applied.

1) Dress up yourself.

Dressing up yourself can really brighten up your day. Put up some of the dresses you always to see yourself in and do take of the accessories. This can really help you grab the attention.

2) Go out for shopping.

Shopping is one of the all time favorite time pass of the people. See if it can work for you as well. And if you do not want to spend money then go for the window shopping as it is also one of the perfect forms of lighten up the mood.

3) Change up your Style

You can try for a new hairstyle or get a different shade of the nail paint or lipstick or anything different than your usual choices. This will help you to regain your confidence.

4) Change in the attitude.

If you are the most talkative one then try to practice a different mode of expression. It can by remaining calm over the things or by talking to the point. And if you are the one who talks less then give a try to express more that the usual ones. It will help you grab the attention of the people.

5) Watch a Funny Movie.

This is one the highly recommended tip. But make sure to watch something light and funny.

6) Change the setup of your Homeor Working Place.

If possible then change the setting of your sofa and other furniture. Put up some flowers as they makes up the environment more colorful. The change in the interiors can really help you in building up the interest.

7) Exercise

The scientific way to get out of the blue is to exercise. Put up some music and hit the jogger's park.

8) Cook up the Delicacies.

Remember the dish you saw in one of the cooking shows.........it’s the time to give try to it. So go ahead and prepare the food of your choice.

9) Set up your Goals.

Give challenge to yourself that you will finish up with the book, or you will complete rearrange the clothes shelf today. This will help your mind getting engaged with a creative thought.

10) Get Connected

Whenever gloomy and sad, call up your best buddies. Avoid serious discussions and plan out for the gathering and all.

11) Get a pet for yourself.

Bring home a sweet friend of yours, it can be a puppy, kitten or what ever you feel like. The unconditional love that our pets give us helps us to fight against depression.

Remember your life has got limited number of days, so make each day worthwhile and rememberable. Take a very good care of yourself as you are precious to somebody.

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