Feeling stupid and moving books

Howdy there!

TGIF. Seriously! This week was so long! And so stressful! At least someone else's week was worse than mine:

So what are your plans for the weekend? As soon as I get out of the office, I will move 2 books from the "Biography" section of my shelf to the "Fiction" section. Or maybe "Thriller". Why you ask? Because I watched the long awaited interview with my (former hero) Lance Armstrong on OWN.
I was a fan of the "Tour de France" for ages. I remeber watching it back in the days, when I came home from school. Or the live stream during work... I dont't know... It was just amazing to see these athletes going through hell and beyond on their bikes.

Call me naive, but until last night, I was still hoping Lance Armstrong just made it cause he had this extra little kick-ass-attitude to win. To be the best. Now I know: It wasn't the attitude. It was EPO. Blood. Other meds. 

I was always the one defending him on every cycling post or tweet that showed up on my timeline. Now I feel really stupid :o/

I loved his books, read the first one while I was in hospital and I am pretty sure it helped me getting well again faster! I mean, hello? Lance Armstrong fought cancer & won the "Tour the France"! So one week hospital with just a freaking appendectomy is a JOKE!
Every word in the so-called "Biography" was a lie. Ok, almost every word. And that is why the books won't stay in this very section of my bookshelf. 

via: Lance Armstrong official Posterous

Well... I was wrong, and so many other people were wrong as well. I wonder how his life will go on? And how will he explain all this to his kids one day? Don't you look up to your father? And what happens if you find out he was living a lie for ages? Decades almost?

I will finish my projects now, leave into a weekend full of moving-stress and hopefully some quiet time, and there is just one more thing to say: Mellow John? My a**.

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