Feels like 100

I moved to Florida from New Jersey a couple of weeks ago because of a number of personal anf financial reasons.

Many New Jersey residents are doing the same, including my accountant. She, as I, can pay for a small mortgage, real estate taxes, insurance and association fees on a condo in Florida on what we paid for real estate taxes alone in New Jersey. Add the fact that Florida has no personal income tax, and you'll have loads of New Jerseyans heading to Florida. I had my car transported by truck, and the man who delivered it told me the 9 other cars belonged to people who are moving to Florida.

New Jersey is hot and humid in the summer, but you don't know humid hotness until you're in South Florida to stay. The main difference between the two is, Miami doesn't really cool off at night.

I calculate that it'll take me two years to really get acclimated. It took me as long to get used to upstate New York weather when I moved from Atlanta.

Mercifully, everything in Miami is air-conditioned. 

However - there's always a however - I picked the wrong clothes.

All of my belongings, except for two weeks' worth of clothing, some shoes, and a number of essential documents, are in storage. I sold my house in New Jersey and did not start looking at places to live until my arrival two weeks ago. Years ago I had purchased a new house before closing on the sale of the old one, and nothing was going to make me chance repeating that stressful experience. All my belongings are in storage until I close on a new home.

I brought with me a few casual outfits, forgetting the number one commandment of hot weather fashion:


Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned, and regret it dearly.

Morning walks before the temps hit the mid eighties (in both temperature and humidity) become a streaming flow of sweat pouring down from my scalp, through my clothes, slowing down enough to puddle in my bra - not stopping until reaching my ankles. Anything not made of natural fabrics (including two tops made of "wicking" material) then becomes clammy the moment you step into an air-conditioned building. The result can best be called a synthetically-induced hot flash: Brutal sweat followed by chilling dampness.

And they say hormones can't be fun!

I'm keeping to a budget, so the thought of buying new clothes while I have a closetful of clothes in storage is not a pleasant one, but face it, if I don't, the relatives I'm staying with will have to scrape what's left of me off the sidewalk one of these days. Just last Sunday I nearly missed a family event from overheating.

Complicating the matter,

  • I hate going to the mall,
  • It's too hot to go anywhere, and,
  • Most stores don't carry size 8 tall. 

My solution so far has been ordering on line a few things marked down on summer sale from Anthropologie and Old Navy. Here's a combination of both brands: Pincelada tunic from Anthropologie, with Boyfriend Skinny Khakis from Old Navy. Mind you, both are mostly cotton, so I'm still risking a synthetically-induced hot flash from the synthetic content. 

My new threads just arrived, and they fit perfectly, but they'll have to wait until it cools off a little: As I write this, the temperature is 88F on the shade, but, at least according to the Weather Channel app, "feels like 100".

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