Female discount please....

Why is the Governor of Wisconsin still in office?

Last week Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill to repeal the 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act.

So now, thanks to Wisconsin Act 219, if an employee wants to file a discrimination lawsuit against an employer, the case has to be filed in federal court instead of the less costly Wisconsin state circuit court.The first step remains the same, which is for an employee to file a complaint with the Department of Workforce Development.

Also, there is no longer any financial penalty if the defendant is found guilty.

In Wisconsin, women typically make 75 cents for every dollar that men make. If that isn't a case for pay discrimination, I don't know what is.

Gov. Walker insists that women don't support a family and therefore don't need to earn as much money as men. Say what? What century does Mr. Walker live in?

Last time I checked, there is no discount for women when paying for food or clothing or a car. Is there a mortgage discount for women? Oh wait, I suppose women don't buy houses or cars because they don't support a family. Right Mr. Walker?


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