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AboutOne, a free online organizer that makes it easy to preserve family memories and manage household information, received $1.6 million in Series A financing. The financing came from Golden Seeds, a network of angel investors dedicated to investing in early stage companies founded and led by women.

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That's exciting news for women in tech with no extra embellishment. But, wait, it gets better! There is extra embellishment. Several of the women involved in this new tech company are BlogHers. You can see some of them on the Meet Our Team page. BlogHers include:

I talked with Dresden Shumaker via email. She told me,

AboutOne has immense respect and admiration for the blogosphere, and early on recognized the fact that the key to the success of the company was working with bloggers, particularly mom bloggers, since they would understand how our product can help families.

AboutOne works with mom panelists. I see some names and blogs familiar to BlogHers among the mom panelists, too.

To quote Dresden again, she said,

When evaluating mom bloggers for invitation to join the AboutOne team, we consider a variety of factors, including writing quality, type of content, dedication to their personal blogs, and connection with their readers. We are also looking for mom bloggers who really understand and love AboutOne, and want to share the concept with others.

Allow me to editorialize a bit here and comment that one never knows where exposure for women bloggers will lead. BlogHer has proved that many times over.

What's the purpose of AboutOne?

AboutOne is about helping you save and organize the information in your life. Photos, receipts, contacts, calendars, paperwork, videos—everything in your life that needs organization and storage.

Here's AboutOne's brief video explaining their product.

AboutOne founder and CEO is Joanne Lang. In their press release about the funding, she was quoted,

“AboutOne was created from my direct experiences as a mother of four children,” said Lang. A former SAP Labs executive specializing in cloud technology, Lang developed AboutOne after one of her sons had a medical emergency. She was away from home, with only her keys and phone, and unable to provide a list of his medications to the paramedics. She’d seen how cloud computing helps businesses gain new levels of efficiency and wanted to use her technical training and personal experiences to develop technology that simplifies a mom’s life.

AboutOne is free to try and a mere $30 a year if you want to stick with it. It only takes seconds to get started using it. Plus, you earn points toward gift cards from your favorite sites with the AcornPoints rewards program. They promise "bank-level" security for all your personal information.

Congratulations and good wishes to AboutOne and especially the BlogHers involved in this exciting new venture.

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.


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