Feminists Have Feelings Too

I have this belief that everyone should be “feminist”, meaning that everyone should support equal rights for women. I understand, however, that the label has been politicized and distorted over time, by both men and women, and many people refuse to embrace it. There is a lot of baggage that comes with self-identifying as a feminist. It’s one of the reasons I claim it; I want to change the way people think about feminism. I wish we didn’t need feminism, but as long as women continue to be denied equal opportunities and access to resources, as a whole, we will continue to need the advocacy efforts of feminism.

With that said…

Feminists have feelings too.

I don’t know how it happened, but somewhere along the line, the humanity of people, specifically women, who identify as “feminist” has been stripped. In some strange turn of events, we’ve become this group of people who folks see as  emotionally-disconnected, immovable pillars of omnipotent strength. We’re admired, revered, loathed, questioned, challenged, insulted, praised, heralded and everything in between. One thing we don’t seem to be thought of, as often, is human.

We have feelings. We are emotional. We have bad days. We have weak moments. We cry. We punch the air. We get frustrated, confused, feel lost, and lash out. We break. We’ve been broken. We get back up. Then we break again.

We wake up in the morning, the same as everyone else, wondering how the day is going to progress. We prepare for all of the possible obstacles that might come our way. We think through situations, make decisions, and hope for the best outcomes, just like everyone else.

Occasionally, things don’t go so well.

Sometimes, we just want to fall to the floor in a pile of melodramatic whimpering, tears burning behind our eye lids, punching the rug, calling out to God asking “WHY ME LAWD!??!?!?!” And guess what? We do just that.

We need laughter and hugs and warm sentiments and intimate moments. We need love, compliments, appreciation, and support. Like everyone else, we need soft places to land sometimes.

Remember that the next time you assume that a feminist woman is some out-of-this-world ranting demigod incapable of destruction and void of feeling.

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