Feminists, Please Stop Trying To Make Me Renounce Feminism


But then came this whole Ann Romney/Hilary Rosen flap, and Jamie-Lynne on the cover of TIME in an attempt to re-launch the Mommy-Wars, and now this absurd  "SAHM's can't be feminists" article in the Atlantic from Elizabeth Wurtzel (which Rita Arens wrote brilliantly about on BlogHer, if you missed it) and OMG FEMINISM YOU ARE TOTALLY MAKING MY HEAD SPIN.

I have friends who are 1% SAHMs with nannies and workout schedules, and I have friends who only get to see their kids between the hours of 6 and 7:30pm between quitting time and bedtime.  I have friends who run companies and have no children at all.   None of these classifications makes me, or any of the archetypes in question any more or less a feminist.  If a woman never earns a penny because her husband's salary affords her that option, but she devotes her life to helping and inspiring young girls -- who is Elizabeth Wurtzel to call her "not a feminist."  If a female studio head makes millions of dollars a year but won't hire her screenwriting counterparts because "PMS isn't conducive to delivering a draft on time" does her sizable bank account truly overshadow her oppressive attitudes?

And if so-called "liberated" women are going around calling child-rearing "not work" do they really have a right to call themselves Feminists?  Are they truly in favor of "advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men," which as Rita reminded us is the dictionary definition of the word.  Because right now my kiddo is at school, and I'm working, and let me tell you -- writing this post feels like a FREAKING VACATION.

Ivy league degrees, financial independence, and fancy titles are great, but feminism is so much deeper than that.  Please, elitist smarty pantses across America, don't sully the word so badly that those of us actually in the trenches of feminism don't want to touch it.


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