Feng Shui Trash

Twenty-seven things out of the house!  Well, okay, technically only about 11 things are out of the house, but 8 are in the trash can and 8 are in the box to go to the thrift store.  And, the 8 things in the trash are 8 sheets of watercolors my kids did (not the good ones) so it's not like I made any MAJOR strides, but it counts.  It counts.  And it gets the ball rolling to do more tomorrow.

The idea of 27 things came from this blog post:  http://www.blogher.com/clear-clutter-feng-shui-trash-day.  If I can clear out 27 things each day for 9 days, then life will feel cleaner.  It's true.  I'm on it!

I also meditated today.  Granted, it was only for three minutes plus an additional three minutes because I rather enjoyed it, but it counts.  It wasn't hard core meditation because the entire time (really) my mind was busy thinking about what it was thinking about, which included all the things I would write about in this blog post.   Funny, though, I can't remember anything!

My brain is busy.  It has lots of thinking it wants to do.  Lots of to-do lists.  Lots to remember.  But it's not like I do much with all that business.  It's not efficient.  It doesn't get anything done.  It just multitasks in a crazy inefficient way causing me to feel like I'm always behind and never really doing the things I want to do.  Grinning - because I can tell you of zillions of things I think I want to do, but I never seem to get past the daily STUFF and trivial things.

As for health and weight and phyical body....My kids got sick.  I didn't.  I think it's the Vitamin D and I think it's the way I've been eating.   I just did Eight Minute Abs which felt good, but now my knee hurts.  Yeah - what's up with that!  Why would doing some piddly sit ups cause my knee to feel swollen.  Argh.  I'm not taking any ibuprofen this month, nor anything that might trigger my knee.  I'll still aim for sit ups tomorrow.  And my weight?  Well, three people in the past two days have commented that I'm losing weight.  I don't quite see it, but I don't doubt it either.  Overall, I just feel healthier and feel like I'm moving in the right direction.  Now, to do that three minute meditation and sits ups tomorrow!!!


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