Fertility Hope Medals

Finally, Life Medals (www.lifemedals.com) is up and ready for business selling Fertilty Hope Medals in sterling silver and solid 14 karat yellow gold!  Full disclosure, Life Medals is my company. 

I have read some 'experts' say that blogs should be personal and not related to business, but for me, my company is extremely personal.  If Life Medals succeeds not only will it help me pursue my dream of motherhood but on a bigger scale I will be able to help millions of other 'infertiles' fortify and validate their journeys to parenthood.  My fellow Infertility Warriors, we are going to ROCK this world and change the way people think of infertility.

The Fertility Hope medal was created after three heartbreaking years of infertility.  While doing everything I could to become pregnant, I was discouraged to find no symbol to validate my struggle, nothing tangible to focus on and draw strength.  I knew this struggle was forever changing me, regardless of the outcome.  I would never take pregnancy or motherhood for granted the way I once did, the way most fertile people do. 

I am forever changed by this rollercoaster of grief, but I have chosen to take the lemons that infertility has pelted at me over the past 4 years and make lemonade.

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