Fetus Festival! Gender Reveal Parties or Why I'm Getting Old

No, not me. No baby here so calm down.

When you made the "we're pregnant" announcement, how did you do it? If you were like us, you just Crazy gender reveal partiespicked up the phone and called everyone. Maybe sent an email and depending how recently you were with-child, maybe put a post up on Facebook. People said "congrats!" and a bunch of other pleasantries and that was it until the shower and/or the birth.

Well, apparently there's a whole new trend on how couples are handling pregnancies. Before I tell you the things I heard this morning on my commute, let me just say this. If ANY of you are still in child bearing years and we're friends, do NOT invite me to your party if it's going to be one of these.

Gender Reveal Party: Pretty simple. This is when the expecting couple gathers all their friends and family for the "big reveal". They may have a big box full of appropriately colored balloons or cupcakes that have one with a different colored icing piped inside. When the time comes to let everyone know what the sex of the baby is, they release the balloons or serve the cupcakes. While you may think everyone knowing that you're expecting a boy or girl is worthy of this hoopla, please know that it's not. And if your friends tell you that it's the best idea EVAH!, they're lying to you. Or you have a lot of money and they don't want to piss you off.

I thought the Gender Reveal party was the last place I'd ever want to be until I heard the next GREAT party idea that's starting to become the rage...

The Ultrasound Party: Thanks to technology, ultrasound machines are more portable than ever, so logically we should think to have all of our friends over and let them stand around and watch as a tech blobs jelly on our belly and ooo and awww over our squirmy little fetus.  And what better way to commemorate the event than sending each of the guests home with their very own ultrasound image!!

Oh. My. God. Are you fricking kidding me? I don't think I would subject my own mother to this much less my friends. I mean.. what kind of food do you serve at these things? Vienna sausages and mini-tacos? Do you serve alcohol and are you able to do jelly jell-o shots off the moms belly once the ultrasound is done? Lord knows I'd need to be liquored up to make it through. I mean, who does this? Narcissism aside, what if something goes wrong during the ultrasound? What if there's no heartbeat to be found? What if there's something wrong with the baby and you find out in this setting?

I don't know.. maybe I'm finally getting to the "I must be getting old" stage, but this is just way over the top of over-sharing in my opinion. I will say that I would make one exception to my POV.. if one of my friends had a really tough time getting pregnant, I would be okay with this. But, by the same token, I doubt anyone who had a really tough time getting pregnant would feel comfortable putting it all out there like that.

So there you have it... what are your thoughts? If you're young enough to still be interested in getting pregnant, would you do one of these? If you're past the child birthing phase, do you think it's a bit much?

Kristen Daukas

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