A few perfect seconds

Managed to get both kiddos down for a nap (Em has a friend over), banana bread in the oven (the Little Miss has been asking for "mana bread" for about a week now) and sat down with a cup of coffee to read this little quotation from my friend Jer (part time philosopher, full time harried father of two):

 "I reject outright a life of mediocrity.. right after I'm finished shopping for some draino and coffee cream."

I laughed out loud, because seriously, ain't that the truth?  Yesterday was all about setting ideals and a grand framework for the year...today, we are taking a mad tumble down the slippery slope towards the daily grind.  

But there was this moment, when I read that, with the faint scent of banana bread starting to flow through the house, and the smell of a full cup of coffee in front of me, and the knowledge that there is someone else out there trying to balance life too...where life seemed to still be pretty perfect...just for a few seconds.

Sometimes those few seconds are what you need to get you on to the next thing.

And the next thing happened to be this - a quote which is giving me some temporary scaffolding to hang the rest of my thoughts on for the day.


Being deeply loved gives you strength.  Loving deeply gives you courage.

- Lao Tzu

More thoughts on that as they come.


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