Fiber and Fitness

  Fiber brings about cringes and looks of disdain from many of us when the word is mentioned.  Recently I decided to look at the benefits of fiber, and why we need to make sure we eat enough of it.

First, when most of us think of fiber we think of those tablets or chalky powders you add to your food.  None of those thoughts make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  

After doing a little investigating I found there were several wonderful menu choices that would add fiber into my diet without sending the rest of my family running for the local fast food stop.

According to the Mayo Clinic,  fiber is essential in our diets.  To understand why fiber is important to our body we must first understand what it does and what types of fiber there is.  Lowcarbdiets/  tells us that there are two types of fiber, soluable and insoluable. 

Soluable fiber absorbs water and is important to help stabilize blood sugar and it helps lower choloesterol.  Insoluable fiber is bulky and helps keep our body regular.  Both types of fiber are important to hep us maintain lifelong health and fitness.

Now that we know why it's important, how do we add it to our diets?  I found that many of the high fiber choices found in this chart were already in my diet.  Foods that are high in fiber that we already eat are ...


Baked Beans (16 grams per seving)

Bran Muffins (2.5  grams per serving)

Bran Cereal (10.6 grams)

Broccoli (5.1 grms)

Whole Wheat Noodles (6 grams)

Peas and Carrots (6.2 grams)

Tortillas (4 grams)

Catsup (.2 grams)

Romaine Lettuce (.8 grams)

cucumber (.7 grams )

brown rice (3.5 grams)

black ollives (1.2 Grams)

blackberries (4.4 grams)


With a little preplanning and creative thinking, fiber can easily be added into your diet to help you maintain life long fitness!


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