Fierce Bling



I recently caught a jewelry demo by my friend Susan Dilger, where she expanded my jewelry consciousness by making a beautiful bracelet out of steel bailing wire. I've had a buzz of excitement keeping me awake at night ever since. I never would have thought of using that dirty, tough wire to make jewelry, although my inventive cousin, Mitzi Miles-Kubota, made some terrific adornments last winter with stainless steel wire, because silver prices were already becoming ridiculous. It's taken all this time for these ideas to wiggle their way to the surface and incorporate themselves with my own sense of design. I like things pretty and sparkly, and I also like them tough and fierce. Yesterday, almost on a whim, I sat in the studio and put this necklace together, using some nasty old wire from Rick's tool box, and a handful of glitzy CZ pendants. I. Am. In. Love.



I'm seeing all sorts of possibilities for this hardware/bling combination. I'm shopping for more blingy bits, and new tools to make the chain-making process easier. I have visions of recycled glass worked into the mix. And colored stones. And silver. And gold, for goodnessakes. I'll try some stainless steel too, but I adore this dark steel wire, and all the down-on-the-ranch connotations that go with it. This is jewelry for people like me, whatever that means. It makes no pretense. It is what it is. Love it or hate it, I don't care. I'm making more. I feel a surge of power from this particular inspiration, and I need to see it through because I think it wants to take me by the hand and lead me somewhere wonderful.



Rick and I are going to see the Nutcracker tonight. I'm wearing my wine velvet dress, Frye boots, and this necklace. If Taos went to the Oscars, this is what she'd wear. And who knows... maybe she will.

Life is a trail, not a camp...

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