Fifty Shades of Glitter

Women have always been stuck in the middle of a battle that’s not entirely our own. If we are openly sex positive, we are slutty and broken. If we are sexually reserved, we are frigid and uptight. Now with Fifty Shades on every best seller and must read list, talking about sex is all the rage. But, is the sex we are talking about our sex? Or is the sex we are talking about the sex we are expected to talk about.

While I dislike the book, I do love the fact that it has so many women talking about sex. Let keep that trend going!

Glitter Power!

I want to find fifty women who will share their stories. Funny, horrible, tragic or erotic. Gay, straight, transgendered. What made you who you are? What is your normal? Stories from transgendered people are most definitely encouraged! The only prerequisite is that you identify (at least mostly) as a women at the time the story takes place.

This needs to be YOUR original material, not posted or published elsewhere.

For examples of what other women have written, check out my The Other Women series of guest posts.

For frequently asked questions and concerns, check out my Fifty Shades of Glitter FAQ.

Want to participate, but don’t know what to write about? Check out my naughty prompts!

Deadline October 31th, 2012

If you would like to submit your story for consideration, I need you to send four things to with the subject: Glitter Submission.

  • Name real or your porn name? Let me know how you want to be credited. If you have a link or twitter handle you want to share, include it here. YOU CAN BE COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS.
  • Who are you? Housewife? Lawyer? Doctor? Clown? Sex worker? Trophy wife to a prominent Republican politician? Share a tiny bit about yourself.
  • What decade did you come of age in? Sexual expectations have changed so much over the years, I find it interesting to see how women came of age under those expectations. I’m not certain I will include it in the final edit, but I do think it helps set the tone of many of our stories.
  • Your story. I don’t want to give you a set number of words or pages as these stories are so very personal, but the average reader should be able to finish it in less then 15 minutes. If your story is longer or shorter, that’s fine, but that gives you something to aim for. If you need a number, aim for 1000-1500 words.

If you change your mind about your submission before October 31th, 2012, email me and I will remove it from consideration. After October 31th, I will consider it part of the project.If you have any other questions, feel free to email me


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