Fifty Shades of Grey and Beyonce! Talk about HOT!!!!

Alright. As you know, The long awaited Fifty Shades of Grey Movie is set for release in February 2015.  Many people were concern about the actors cast for the film. As we all know, the original Christian Grey actor was so overwhelmed with the attention and the following that the book got, until he had to back out.

But, now that the movie has been set for release, the next thing would be the Soundtrack.  So many of the best songs in the world that we all have enjoyed, have come from soundtracks. And looks like FSOG's soundtrack is going to be no different. Beyonce released a teaser on her website that shows this Thursday, the trailer will be released. As well as a teaser, that she's on the Soundtrack! Can you believe that she's on the soundtrack? I mean, who would have guessed? 

The sexy new album that Beyonce released last year, might have been a teaser in and of itself, to this new soundtrack.  

I mean, think about the songs. Partition, Blow.  The way that she's done her videos and her songs, might have been a teaser to the movie. I mean, think back to when she was expecting Blue Ivy. If you look back at pictures of her expecting, you'll see that she wore a lor of Blue. Blue shoes, Blue purses, etc. She was giving us hints that what she was going to name her daughter, it's just that most of us, didn't catch onto it. And Beyonce definitely knows how to tease us with great clues, making us think. Well, no one would've thought about that one.

But, I must say that this is one of the hottest combinations in the world. This is going to be one sexy movie and soundtrack. I am looking forward to it. What do you think about the Movie and Soundtrack? Do you think that it's going to be good?


February 2015 should be fascinating!  


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