Fifty Shades of Grey: What's Your Pleasure?

A few weeks ago the girls asked me if I'd read Fifty Shades of Grey.  I hadn't.  All I knew about it at the time is that it involved some eroticism and was being labeled as mommy porn.  I didn't see the big deal about a little spanking but TJ informed me that it was apparently a lot more than a little spanking.  So I promised to use my free hour of reading at B&N on my nook to investigate further and report back.  It took a few weeks because I was not about to abandon my quest to finish the High Heel Series by my beloved author Gemma Halliday, but I finally got around to it today.  I didn't read any other information because I wanted to approach it with an unbiased mind and after reading 6 chapters (mostly in the middle) and then doing some research I have come to the conclusion that y'all really need to loosen up and get the stick out ya hind parts!

Here's the deal.  There is nothing extraordinarily rare about this storyline or intriguing or fascinating (like an alien invasion would be).  It's sex.  But in this country we are so conditioned to be uptight about sex that we lie to ourselves.  You want to know why so many "mommies" are fascinated with this trilogy?  Because deep down inside they want to be tied up and made to obey too but they've been programmed not to say that out loud.  Most of us have been programmed to bury our true desires and fall in line with what's acceptable.  This book is popular because it turns people on.

How did I come to that conclusion?  That must be it because the writing is subpar at best in my opinion.  I finished my hour of reading and wondered if this was really a professional writer.  It reminded me of something I would have found on an erotic website....not through a publishing company.  But it was definitely erotic and I think that's what has got so many people in a buzz.

Then again if more people stopped pretending to be sexual creatures then it wouldn't be such an enigma to read about.

That's my initial report actually because I won't be reading anymore.  Not because of the BDSM....I'm good with to each her own.  But the dialogue and writing style put me off completely.  I've taken my one for the team on this one.

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