Fight Your Own Battles !!!

Ok, when you were a child, your parents taught you to not talk back. They were to set up rules that you were to follow. I came from a generation, that you were to do, as you were told. Now, we have this generation, that have not lived long enough, to know what life is really about,but continues to protest that "I'm grown" ! Well, how grown are you ? When, you can't take out the trash, life is a big party everyday, and it only about the new hair do or fashion I'm buying ????  Oh yeah, and the new moblie device I need, but can't pay for or the bill needs to be paid twenty-four months and expect for you to pay it for them.

I tried of twenty and thirty year old children, not able to comes to grips that life is not a big party. It's full of consequences for your actions, when wrong choices are made. It full of responsibilities, that nothing in life is free and if you want something "You" have to work hard to get it. Stop, expecting anyone on this Planet, to give you something for free. I have worked since I was fourteen years of age. Eventhough, I had parents, to provide and give me everything, I wanted and even things I did not deserve. I never really appreciated, until I got older and learned a valuable lesson, that it would not be like this forever.

So, I speaking. to the younger  generation, but  if this applies to you older ones that is still thinking that someones owes you something in this life. You really need to face the Facts That Nothing and I Mean Nothing In Life Is Free. If you did'nt work hard for it, do not expect it ! Also, expect everything to comes your way with a price !!! A price youmight not want to pay for !!!!!