Fighting the addiction and winning...What a suprise!

Good day all! Today is day 4 of my new life.  This preparation period seemed a lot less complicated on New Year's Eve, but it is coming together.  Lets talk addiction.  I am Leslie and I am a facebook abuser.  I used to post all through the day, at work, at home, on the cell.  Any random thought I had found itself on facebook.  It was to the point where I had a friend block me because I posted once every 15 minutes one day.  It was horrible.  Facebook has been my downfall. Too bad I didn't have a company or something I could promote on there, because we would've created a buzz for sure.  Alas, the new year has dawned, and I vowed to get rid of anything that is holding me back from being a participant in my own life, barring the stress of my grad classes of course.  So I deactivated my facebook page.  

What a HUGE difference! Four days into it, and I am more productive at work, I am more apt to do housework, for some reason, and I am feeling less dependent on other people to enhance my life.  Yesterday was the first day at work sans facebook and within the first 2 hours, I had all types of things completed! I surprised myself.  There was a sense of urgency that I have been lacking.  

I am going to see how long this will last.  I still look at my phone every 30 minutes thinking I have a comment on a status, I still think in status updates, and I miss the random stuff my FB friends are talking about. But I know that this is good for me and I am excited.  

Oh, I forgot to mention, I also do not have a tv, well I have a tv, but I got rid of cable and have no digital converter.  So, I am totally disconnected and it feels great.  Where I live there is nothing good on tv, the news is majorly depressing, and tv was a brain drain anyway.  So I have to start reading blogs, newspapers, cheat just a little by watching and generally make my own entertainment.  So far, this year preparation is off to a pretty good start. 



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