figure out who you are...then push past the fear

Lately I've read several books that aren't really connected but ironically have had similar common denominators throughout them. One is Katie Couric's The Best Advice I Ever Got. And as you may know, if you follow my blog or twitter, I also enjoy watching Oprah's Life Class and Master Class programs. I guess I like hearing what successful people have to say.

And what I've found is, the similar 'threads' or common beliefs that each of them speak about are always the same.

Here are two of them:

1. There will be times in your life where you will be so afraid {not talking about danger here} of what you have 'got yourself into'. Maybe it's a job, an opportunity, a healthy new relationship, or a city you love...and you suddenly realize you're exactly where you always dreamed you would be, and yet find that you are scared of out your mind. Overwhelmed. Intimidated. Not confident. Feeling completely out of your depth and stupid beyond belief.
Each of the books and programs all spoke of this. Because when you stretch yourself to become greater than where you currently are, fear is a normal reaction. And yet each successful person said the same thing over and over...move past the fear. The fear doesn't mean you're doing wrong or that you've stepped out and made a huge's that you're pushing yourself past what has always felt comfortable. Which makes being afraid and terrified of everything falling to pieces - perfectly normal.

So what did they all say to do in those moments? Push past the fear. Keep going. Get up and try again. Make the call again. Do another interview. Send in another application. Try it Each time. Again and again.

In other words, don't let fear stop you right when you are exactly where you've always dreamed you could be, or so close that you can almost smell it.

Arianna Huffington said, "..fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It's the mastery of fear."

2. They also said to...know yourself. Figure out what you like, what you are good at, and what makes What did you do in 1st grade? What were your favorite subjects? What gave you incredible joy when you accomplished it? What were you doing when time was completely forgotten about?

In other words...who are you?

Thing is, the world needs you. Just as you are. Just as you were created to be. And it's not about showing them perfection. Because I believe that authentic people understand that there's really no such thing as perfection. In fact, the best thing you can do is just do your best. So quit trying to show your 'best side'. Quit trying to put your 'best foot forward'.

Go ahead.

Show your problems.
Lay out your weaknesses.
Stack up your fears.
Label your issues.

You're not going to shock anyone when you do 'cause...they're probably already aware of them anyways. {Hate to break it to ya. ;) } Usually we are the last ones to notice, label, or realize the areas where we aren't perfect.

Don't believe me? Ask someone close to you that you can trust. Or God {now there's Someone who'll tell ya}. Ask them if there are any areas they feel you could use some help in. And I can guarantee {if they know you have no intention of removing their head after they answer}...they just might give you some valuable insights into yourself.

The amazing thing is, each one of these successful people I've read about all say the same thing. Fear is normal. But the ones who push past it...get the dream. And, furthermore, they get the dream when they realize who they are and what their dream even is.

Deep breath. You can do this. It's what you were created for.

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