The Final BlogHer '08 Blogging Birds of a Feather and Room of Your Own schedule

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Remember when we opened up two tracks of open slots for the community to schedule in topic-based Birds of a Feather meet-ups and community-driven Room of Your Own sessions?

OK, this might refresh your memory!

Those slots filled up pretty quickly, but since I'm not sure you all go check the agenda obsessively (you don't? really?) I thought I'd announce the final line-up.

Just to give you an idea of the variety of content and formats being presented, check out some of your options:

  • The McCain and Obama campaigns are each sending a representative to do a Q&A with you on Who Better Serves Women Like You? Moderated by our own Lisa Stone and featuring RNC Online Communications Director Liz Mair, and Obama supporter Pennsylvania Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz.
  • Kalyn gave foodbloggers homework for her Food Meet-up
  • Mo Pie and ByJane just told their readers and contributors to come on by and get to know each other face-to-face!
  • And for most of the meet-ups it will be a "lightly led" discussion
  • So, without further ado, here's the schedule...pick your poison!

    Friday July 18th:

    10:30-11:10AM: Green, Social Change and NPO/NGOs, Led by BlogHer Social Change contributing editor Britt Bravo
    10:30-11:10AM: Entertainment, TV, celebrity etc., Led by Melissa Silverstein from Women & Hollywood, who will be joined by BlogHer Television contributing editor Megan Smith

    11:15-11:55AM: Food, Cooking & Entertaining, Led by BlogHer Food contributing editor Kalyn Denny
    11:15-11:55AM: Twenty-something Bloggers Meet-up

    12:45-1:25PM: Fashion, Beauty, Style & Shopping, Led by BlogHer Fashion contributing editor Susan Wagner
    12:45-1:25PM: The Mother Load: Blogging about caring for our loved ones, Led by Melissa Massello from, this discussion will bring together the "Sandwich Generation" to talk about caring for our kids, our parents, our in-laws, our pets.

    1:30-2:10PM: Travel, Led by BlogHer's former Travel contributing editor and current author of an NYC travel bookSuzanne Reisman
    1:30-2:10PM: Come meet the community at this meet-up hosted by ByJane

    2:30-3:10PM: Personal Finance and Career. Led by BlogHer Business contributing editor Elana Centor
    2:30-3:10PM: Funding and incubation opportunities for women entrepreneurs, Susan Mernit will lead this session reviewing the various opportunities women entrepreneurs have for getting both coaching and assistance when seeking funding, and getting funding itself.

    3:15-3:55PM: Sex & Relationships, Led by BlogHer Sex & Relationships contributing editor Liz Rizzo
    3:15-3:55PM: Women entrepreneurs, Susan will stick around and be joined by Patricia Handscheigel and other women starting and growing their own businesses. Talk everything from business models to exit strategies. Find and connect with other women hoeing this sometimes lonesome row.

    Saturday July 19th:

    10:45-11:25AM: Home & Garden, Led by BlogHer Hobbies, Crafts and Gardening contributing editor Debra Roby
    10:45-11:25AM: Talking About War and Peace: How Women are changing the security debate and creating a safer future for everyone, Led by national security specialist and progressive activist Lorelei Kelly, along with a representative from Mothers Acting Up.

    11:30AM-12:10PM: Craft & DIY, Led by BlogHer DIY contributing editor Chris Jordan
    11:30AM-12:10PM: Who Better Serves Women Like You: Obama or McCain? Featuring a moderated Q&A with RNC Online Communications Director Liz Mair and Pennsylvania Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz.

    1:45-2:25PM: BlogHims @ BlogHer, Led by BlogHer attendee and network member Karl Erikson
    1:45-2:25PM: Come meet the BFD Blog community at this meet-up hosted by Monique (aka mo pie)

    2:30-3:10PM: Health & Fitness, Led by BlogHer Health contributing editor Catherine Morgan and Good Health-a-thon mastermind Kristy Sammis
    2:30-3:10PM: Feminism & Gender, Led by BlogHer Feminism & Gender contributing editor Suzane Reisman

    3:15-3:55PM: Queer BlogHer, Led by BlogHer community manager Denise Tanton
    3:15-3:55PM: Women of Color Bloggers, Led by Megan Smith

    4:00-4:40PM: Boomers & Beyond, Led by BlogHer Technology contributing editor Virginia DeBolt
    4:00-4:40PM: Chicago Bloggers Meet-up, Led by Lara Colvin

    Which Birds of a Feather and Room of Your Own sessions will you attend?


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