Things to Be Thankful For: Final Mercury Retrograde of 2011!

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Yesterday, the last Mercury Retrograde of the year occured in the jolly Fire of sign Sagittarius. The Sun already bounced into this 9th sign of the Zodiac on 11/22, so all its traits of learning, travel, education, adventure and risk taking are pushed to the forefront. Mercury is all about communication, transportation, movement, how we deal with variety and since this planet’s “backward” motion can often cause confusion, misunderstandings, snafus – my suggestion is check all lists, big plans and directions twice.  

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Tis the season for all kinds of festivities and Mercury is appropriately in the sign ruled by big Jupiter, the planet of “more”.  Everything sparkles, spirits are high – this can be great fun. But, with all the excitement, all the busyness, have you overlooked any details? Be organized. Make sure those toys have the batteries needed. If you make promises to be with people, write them down and show up. Travel plans?  - don’t book a flight to Paris, Texas when you actually made plans to meet friends at the Eiffel Tower. (This is my favorite and often used example of  an “oops” vacation). Misreading a bank balance can fog the reality into not realizing that 10 bottles of champagne is more financially manageable than a case.

As always, where Mercury appears in the individual chart determines what part of life is most affected by the planet’s Retrograde motion, but regardless, being careful and mindful of pitfalls is a good thing for all of us.

Try to delay major plans for a few weeks. Yes, life doesn’t stop. If you have something pressing to take care of, handle it – but don’t rush. Examine it before your sign it.

FYI: Mercury Retrograde starts November 23, 2011 (11:21 PM Pacific) / November 24, 2011 (2:21 AM Eastern) = Ends the evening of December 13, 2011 . The veil should lift, the confusion abates and we can go forward with purpose on all that we have been rethinking , renegotiating and re evaluating.

Next Mercury Retrograde,  March 12, 2012

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