The Final Resolution

The eve of the year 2013 found me happily at home with my dog Maya, a good modern-day western and a few bites of chocolate. My high heel and tight dress days are over. I am perfectly content watching Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner (Boss and Charlie) run cattle from the backs of stout quarter horses across green meadows and through swift creeks to make a life for themselves during the harsh and exciting days of the American pioneers.  I don’t make resolutions on New Year’s Eve anymore. Instead I work with God on a daily basis to chisel away at my shortcomings and improve myself and my life and hopefully the lives of those around me. But this year, I found myself resolving that 2013 would usher in the beginning of the journey across the last half of my life -- my own ride through lush green mountain meadows and swift creeks towards being the woman I was created to be, the woman I long to be.

I don’t know how blogging will fit into my journey; I’ve started blogs before and didn’t follow through.  I intend to chronicle my thoughts, experience and decisions and maybe readers will lend their inspiration and advice.  Or perhaps another woman will identify with my problems and solutions and I can be a source of comfort and empathy.  Maybe my story will be a legacy to my adult sons who really don’t know their mother very well because of divorce, estrangement and unforgiveness.  Whatever the end result, the ultimate outcome is out of my hands and that is OK because I trust the One who knows the end of my story.  But I do know that much like Boss and Charlie on the open range, I am anxious to get in the saddle.  Times are a-changin’ and there is no time to tarry long when a woman has dreams as big as the Colorado sky.  I’ve got horses to ride, cattle to run and Life to live.

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