The Final Tie

It seems forever ago that my now ex husband came home to tell me he didn’t trust me anymore based on a few off handed comments made to my sister.  He waited two months to tell me, treated me terribly, and ruined a long planned trip to New Orleans.  So much for communication.  (I feel the need to add here that I checked the phone records and there was a third party involved but I digress.)  Fast forward two years and life looks different for me.  Most of the details from the divorce are long ironed out but one detail that remains is a house that my name is still attached to.  Luckily, a family is renting it and that part is wonderful.  I still have to supplement the mortgage payment by $150 but it could be worse, right?  Right . . . my ex is convinced he is great with money.  Not so much.  Over the last year I have worked hard to repair my credit.  I have lived lean, paid down balances, and sacrificed to get my financial house in order.  I would love to refinance my car but a lending agent takes one look at my debt to income ratio and that’s that.  That house is killing me.  To make matters worse, the ex can’t seem to make the house payment on time, even when he gets rent money.  The last payment was over 30 days late and my credit score dropped 52 points.  I hate that we have been apart for nearly two years, divorced for one and still this joker can have an impact on my life.  That house is holding me back.  I can’t fully move on until it’s sold.  Then, I can get my own home, refinance my car, and do anything else I want to do.  I will be free.  Finally, the house is back on the market.  I don’t think I can tell you how fabulous it’s going to feel to cut that last, final tie.  I try to imagine what that day will look like and I see myself walking out of the Title Company feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I imagine a profound sense of relief.   The change will be complete and I can move forward, no longer stuck in this limbo.  This little bird is ready to fly.


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