Finally: The Load of Just Towels

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There are things you acquire when you are a parent to a girl child that you never, ever thought you would. Eight thousand plastic rings. Polly Pockets shoes the size of a pinhead. Fifty-four hoodies, all worn on the same day in dirty snow. That now need to be washed. And towels. Lots and lots of towels. I love this post by Laura in which she realized what those towels really mean.

She writes:

And then He reminded me that just a short while ago, I could fit ALL of our laundry in two loads. And I was begging Him for children. And He answered my prayers. And children create laundry. Therefore, laundry, especially a load of JUST towels, was a BLESSING. And to this day, whenever I do a load of JUST towels, I smile, and thank God, and am content in my heart. His kindness to me is overflowing.

stack of towels

Credit Image: Sarah Sphar on Flickr

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