Finally: Nelson Mandela speaks about Mugabe's "failure"

If people are going to listen to someone, well, I'm thinking Nelson Mandela is a pretty darn good bet. And at his very own 90th birthday party as well.

"We watch with sadness the continuing tragedy in Darfur. Nearer to home
we have seen the outbreak of violence against fellow Africans in our
own country and the tragic failure of leadership in our neighbouring
Zimbabwe," said Mandela last night breaking his silence about the issue, according to the BBC.

In the early years, there were strong similarities between both Mugabe and
Mandela - both heralded as great African leaders. They were born in the
same era, (1918 and 1924) and both attended mission schools in a time
where a white minority ruled their countries. They both went to prison
and lost sons while they were locked inside, not even being allowed to
attend their funerals. They both advocated the use of violence to bring
an end to the minority whites who ruled their countries (South Africa
in Mandela's case, Rhodesia in Mugabe's)

And yet, what different roads they have taken since then.

One, an inspiration to us all. The other, nothing more than a disappointment.

Thank you, Mr. Mandela, for saying something. And happy birthday.



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