Finally think I can breathe

Today I finally decided I needed to go through my moms jewerly. She has been gone four years. She had stage four lung cancer. Never smoked. As a only child, it has been tough. No siblings to lean on. My dad and I have become closer and he has been great. I know he too has a rough go of it these last few years. To lose your other half is hard. I often am asked, how do you get over loss of a loved one. I have to say that you never get over that pain but you adjust and move forward. I must say my tears are far and few these days. But special moments, birthdays and holidays still are bit painful as someone is missing. My mother was a tough lady so I know she would be mad if I got to down in the dumps about me missing her. My faith also sustains me and I know one day I will see her again. I now do things in her honor. I discuss lung cancer and lack of media attention. It seems everyone thinks lung cancer is a smoking only diease when in fact this is not the case. No one seems to care to read the science to the diease. What I can do is offer that grief is hard no matter how someone dies and it is up to all of us to help each other get through the tough times.



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