Financially Wise Women

Today’s women are independent and expert task managers who juggle multiple roles.  In addition to building thriving careers, they manage the household finances and are primary caregivers to their children and aging parents. With all this responsibility, it is important women become educated and feel empowered managing their finances.

Financially Wise Women was created to help women take control of their financial future.


About founder:

Brittney Castro, CFP® helps create a financial road map for a woman’s different goals in life.  She also educates clients on different options, enabling them to make smart decisions. The benefits of working with Brittney are that a client becomes confident, experiences trust, feels empowered, feels freedom, feels in control; AND feels invested in, by Brittney and her practice. Brittney will always work in her clients’ best interest, will work for and with her clients, and will conduct all tasks with honesty, integrity and transparency. Brittney is a new breed of financial planner: forward-thinking, dynamic, social media-savvy, and the go-to consultant for established businesswomen ready to focus on their financial futures.