Find a different way to decorate!!! Latex balloons are dangerous!

When balloons fragment, and a piece is aspirated into the airway, the Heimlich maneuver is generally ineffective. The balloon, when placed over the airway, acts like a diaphragm and moves up and down with air movement, and generally fails to dislodge in position.

Super scarey, my husband learned about this in our parenting class before our first one Bryten was born and we have not had a latex balloon in our house since... There are other things that you can use to celebrate and make things look fancy!!! Consider your child, and stick it to memory.. I know I did, and I am okay with being a balloon Nazi! ;) Besides they are just more waste at the end of the day!!

According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, each year over 100,000 children under age 4 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries, and 17 children die. Approximately one-third of the deaths result from choking; and one-third of the choking deaths result from latex balloons.



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