Find Your Flock: Birds of a Feather at BlogHer '12

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When I was a young BlogHer, at my second event in 2009, I remember walking around the outside patio during lunchtime. All my friends had run off somewhere or the other, and in a crowd of 1,500 people I found myself feeling very alone indeed.

I walked past an area full of tables with signs on them, this group or that group. I saw one that had two smiling faces I recognized, so I gathered all the courage I could muster, walked up to them, and asked if I could sit down for lunch.

That hour was one of the best I've spent at any blogging conference. And that's the magic of Birds of a Feather.

birds of a feather at blogher ... knitty crafty bloggers

Whether you go in seeking bloggers who write about the same things you do, or you decide to crash someone else's table because you realize it's time to make new friends (I highly recommend crashing the LGBT table, btw) or you find the courage to host your own niche table, we invite you to join us on Saturday AM for the 2012 Birds of a Feather breakfast.

You'll have had all day Friday to meet and mingle, and on Saturday, you'll be able to meet up with your flock-of-choice, enjoy breakfast together, and maybe make plans for the rest of the conference day, or Sunday on the town in New York.

As BlogHer continues to grow (4,000 people this year!) we are always looking for ways to keep the intimate, comfortable feel of a small event. Birds of a Feather is one of the ways we try to accomplish that, by making it easy to find your flock, or a new one, and spend some quality time with them.

This year, we'll offer the RSTLNE flocks (that's a Wheel of Fortune reference, which only we old people who remember what Broadcast TV is will get) up front, then give you two ways to create flocks that resonate with you. You can:

  • Leave a comment here, naming a Birds of a Feather flock you'd like to see at the conference. As others 'like' that flock, we'll get a clear sense of the groups we need to include, and add them officially.
  • At the Birds of a Feather breakfast on Saturday morning, you'll see flock tables with blank cards and black markers. Grab a marker, fill out a card, and start your own tribe!

The Birds of a Feather flocks everyone asks for every year so we just include them on the game board now are:

  • Craft/DIY BlogHers
  • Male BlogHers
  • Empty Nest/Boomer/Midlife BlogHers
  • Faith BlogHers
  • Frugal BlogHers
  • Humour BlogHers
  • LGBT BlogHers
  • Military Member/Family BlogHers
  • Patient BlogHers
  • Twitterholic BlogHers
  • Widow/Widower BlogHers
  • Stepparent BlogHers
  • Women of Color BlogHers
  • Canadian BlogHers

So, what did we miss? Leave your ideas in the comments and we'll watch the like counts for interest!


Shannon {and/or} Mr Lady
BlogHer Conference Programming Manager


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