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 The Main Event


Bewildering. There’s no other word for it.


Most of us have trouble filtering out the political static and hearing the facts in the course of any political campaign. In one as heated and passionate as the current Presidential race has become, it’s nearly impossible.


The incumbent and his lieutenants are spouting rhetoric right and left. They are tossing around issues, ideas and campaign slogans as fast as they can, hoping to capture your attention and keep you from thinking about the issues that really matter to American families. Some voters are spinning off into space fueled by misinformation overload.


For example, the semantics game being played over the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision is a waste of your time and attention. Here it is in a nutshell:


1)      Supreme Court Justice John Roberts got it wrong. It isn’t a tax. BUT – he’s the Chief Justice of the highest court in the land. He and the majority have the final say. If he says it’s a horned toad then we are compelled to call it a horned toad whether we like it or not.

2)      Since Roberts has compelled us to call it a tax and to believe it is such, we must then ask the current administration why they broke their “no new taxes for the middle class” promise? Because, my friends, the middle class will be paying the lion’s share of these costs and Barack Obama now leaves as his legacy the largest tax hike in American history..

3)      Whether you call it a penalty or a tax or a horned toad, it’s going to make your health insurance costs rise and the quality of your health care wither away. If you missed Econ 101, this is the other law at work - the law of supply and demand. There will be fewer doctors, more patients and, as a direct result, less care. Don’t kid yourselves. Rationed healthcare is right around the corner. Period.


While the talking heads from the Democrat side beg you to “get over it” and move on, you’re being fattened up as the sacrificial lambs, middle-class reader friends. You’re going to pay the price for this folly in more ways than one.


It would behoove you to concentrate on just this: focus on electing candidates who will repeal the Obamacare nightmare and who will then spend their energies solving problems which affect all of usnot just the less than 7% of us who think health care is an important issue deserving of all this attention.


Our economy is in the tank. Our auto industry which was bailed out by the taxpayers  is moving it’s operations to China and the jobs along with it. (Thank you, organized labor.) Many of us are underemployed, far too many of us have no job to go to at all. Now is NOT the time for word games. Now is the time for leadership.

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