Finding The Elusive Meal

I would like to start off by saying I'm very happy to have found this site so I can write wonderfully witty columns about food, recipes and the trials and tribulations of cooking in a family with one flexatarian 8 year old, a 25 year old night worker who prefers to eat his food cold, a self-proclaimed diva who is very picky *and* allergic to shellfish & my partner who says she'll eat anything, but no pepper, no spices, no heat, yada, yada, get the idea!  

It's frustrating and challenging to find one meal a day that everyone will eat.  Let's face it, a kid who only eats hot dogs as their main protein source isn't going to go for a succulent pork chop, cooked lovingly & carefully so that the poor chop isn't a dried out piece of leather.  Likewise, my loving son would rather grab a can of ravioli, pop the top & begin shoveling said ravioli in his face Consequently, I usually end up making one dinner for the 8 year old, and the rest of us try to eat a decent meal a couple of nights a week.  

My quest is to find food that I can get my whole family to eat without whining, complaining or waiting until it's ice cold before chowing down.   I feel a bit like Don Quixote on a quest, but my quest is for beautiful, edible food rather than love....or is it? 

More soon!!!


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