Finding a guy who didn't mention my father's name

In 2002, my father "Angelo Venuto" had a hit song come out on wKTU radio.  Dance Remix - L'Italiano.  I was 17 turning 18 at the time (I am now 29).  We would take a limo to all of the local clubs every weekend and watch him perform. My sister, cousins, and my friends loved it too. I was 17 going to clubs that were 21 and over.  He had  about a good 10 yr run singing at clubs. He had about 3 or 4 dance songs out on the radio. It was great. I felt awesome. But then I started DATING.

I met a lot of guys at the clubs. Some knew I was Angelo's daughter and some didn't.  I made a rule to myself - If a guy mentions my father's name and all he talks about is  my dad, that means a couple of things:
1: He thinks we are rich
2: He thnks its cool and wants to show off in front of his friends
3: He thinks I am a buttana (skank) and he wants to sleep with me

Don't get me wrong, my father was not famous like Justin Timberlake.  But he was very well known in the tri-state area and some parts of Italy, Florida, Canada, Boston etc.
My dad also looked young for his age and girls my age hit on him. That was VERY AWKWARD. I made sure the girls knew I was his daughter.  They are the Buttana's haha.

So one guy I met at a club in Queens was kind of good looking. Italian, dressed nice and he danced well too.  But I had the worst date with him. It was a double date. We went to a Cafe in BAYRIDGE. So in the middle of a conversation he decides to look up at the screen because there was a game on. (Not into sports)  I think this guy is the reason why I don't like sports. This is our first kinda-date and you rudely look at the screen while THE QUEEN is talking? Really? And yes he did mention my dad's name.  2 strikes!  
We are on our way back to my neighborhood and he gets a flat tire. The way he was annoyed by that instead of laughing it off was strike 3.  I don't like hot-tempers especially when you are trying to WOOH a lady you need to be a gentleman. Now I am as classy as you can get. Besides the fact that I swear a lot, I am not a woman who slept/sleeps around. (I may have kissed a lot but thats about it)
The date sucked... we both knew it.. He never called, I never called either.
My dad sang at the club in Queens another weekend. He was waiting on a long long line. He waved at me to try to get my attention so he can skip the line. I waved back and went right in, leaving him there on line  :)

I dated a lot and I knew in one or 2 dates if the guy is not for me or not. Some people just don't have that "gift".   I look at it this way. A person has a list of what they can tolerate and what they cannot tolerate.

I don't tolerate cheapness, laziness, lying, abuse, cheating, tardiness.....

But there are things you let slide too....  Anyways - I found myself a husband. He is a good egg.   WISH US LUCK.  (Almost married 2 yrs)


What was your worst date?
What are your rules?


The Queen


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