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There is a certain kind of person that leans towards happiness.

I admire that kind of person.

Some religions and/or spiritual paths seem to be pretty sure that happiness comes from within and that it is within your control. Frankly, this blows my mind.

I often wonder if this kind of positive-thinking is championed primarily by upper-middle-class white women. But I suspect--indeed I hope--that it is more universal. And although my melancholy self is dragging her feet about jumping on the bandwagon, serendipity keeps bringing the happiness principle to my door. I figure I may as well open it and see what happens.

Inspired by conversations at BlogHer '08, Jen, Krystyn, Lucrecer, Alyssa, and Kyran have launched a new blogging project for positive vibes, Positive Posting, where you can lift your spirit, or give someone else's a boost by linking to the postive things you're writing about on your blog.

Life coach  Laura Young is really stretching her 'think positive' muscles by imagining that there is a Buddha in the White House. (Yes, that guy, a Buddha----hummmm, this exercise may be too advanced for me!)

Sally Huss and friends are working on taking happiness viral--you can catch the Happiness Epidemic here.

Just Karen points out that happiness might just be an inside job, and that you and you alone are in control of your own happiness. I really, really hope this is true...but if you, like me, are having some doubts, maybe you could hop on over to Karen Maezen Miller's Cheerio Road and try holding on to this small spark of inspiration. And if that's not enough to get your internal happiness combustion engine rolling, perhaps you can wish it into reality here.

What is your sure-fire means of tapping into your internal happiness?

Rachelle Mee-Chapman is an alt-minister, mom, and writer blogging at Magpie Girl. She'll send you helpful links and updates if you follower her on Twitter. Thanks for reading!


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