FInding an Intention

The kids are one day older today. In fact, so are all of us.

The plumber will come today, Vaughn will miss her swim class because of it.

Vaughn and I will read a ton of books today and also finish the Halloween wreath that we've been working on together.

We might run to the grocery store today depending on what time the plumber finishes. Maybe the playground too. 

Today when Vance gets home from school we'll play outside. He won't want to come in and study for his math test tomorrow.

We'll eat dinner, do homework, take baths. Read more books, go to bed, and do it all over again tomorrow. 


I recently read about Ben Franklin and how he would start his day by determining "What good shall I do this day?" 

I like that.

We all ask ourselves, "Where has the day gone?" Maybe setting an intention for the day will help keep our days from slipping by unknowingly. Keep us focused.


Tomorrow we'll wake up another day older. 

So I guess what I'm asking is what good will you do today? How will you make the most of your day? 

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