Finding it

I started reading this book and I love it. I can relate to the whole gaining weight and losing weight and gaining weight. It really can become a vicious cycle. I am finally at the point where I really am trying to take better care of myself. Except for my pasta and glass of wine I had tonight at olive garden. But, I am eating better I'm working out I feel like I'm really getting into the place that the Lord wants me to be in that I want to be in myself as well. I highly recommend this book if you have ever struggled with weight issues or are currently struggling with them now.

"Are we irreverent towards sin, or imputing too much power to God, when we ascribe him almighty life and love? I deny his cooperation with evil, because I desire to have no faith in evil or in any power but God, good." Science and health with Keys to the scriptures pg. 348 Verse. 15.


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